Exciting Launch of IGTV Instagram New Vertical TV APP – This Is Huge

Exciting Launch of IGTV Instagram New Vertical TV APP – This Is Huge





Today was a very exciting day for Instagram and the many creators that have anticipated the launch of their new Vertical Video Platform app. It is now available for download. This app was designed so that you can watch long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators.


IGTV is different than your typical video experience. Videos are full-screen and vertical without any black boxes on the side, so you never have to rotate your phone. And IGTV videos aren’t limited to a minute, which means you can see more of your favorite content.

The Video content opportunity is wide open and still in its infancy stages.

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Just recently Youtube stated that the amount of channels that are earning six figures on their platform  has increased over 40% year-over-year. Twitter & snapchat have implemented the ability to share video on their platform.  Instagrams newly launched stand-alone app will allow users to post longer videos. The app is a mobile TV platform that takes elements from YouTube, Snapchat and other platforms and combines them all in one place.  This is huge!

If you are not using video for your business then you are missing out. The time to start is now! You can be one of the first to get in on this new IGTV platform. Online video is creating a new career path that did not exist until just a few years ago.  Jump in now while it is in the early stages.

I was so excited today after the launch kept watching for it to become available for download. I was #1021 person to download the app!   At first use I think that this new platform is outstanding. The app did shut down on me once and had a few glitches, as expected with any new launch. I am very impressed and absolutely love it.


I plan to utilize this platform now while it is brand new.  I am hosting a live Business tip Channel for Business owners and Online Marketers. I am very excited about this opportunity.  Come on over and watch my channel @inspired.by.terry IGTV!


Be Inspired – Terry

Featured post


These Tools Help With Repetive task, Organization and Help
Free Your Time For Maximum Results
Thank you for requesting my Free list!

In most cases we start out with the hands-on approach, but quickly
find that we are exhausted trying to do it all. This doesn’t work.
There are many ways that we can leverage, and scale our businesses
and I havefound that using tools and apps can help organize and automate
repetitive and time-consuming task. As our business grows, we can then
decide to source out and build a team performthe task that…

👉Task we don’t enjoy
👉Task we aren’t so good at.
Build a tribe of experts to help your business thrive.

Take a few minutes to jot down a list of the things you don’t enjoydoing.

Then make another list of the things that you are not really skilled to do
and feel would be better given to someone that specializesin that area

of expertese. Then finally, make a list of the task that you enjoy and want
to continue to do. Next write out the time it takes youeach day to do these task.
This will give you a better idea of how you could benefit by giving youself more
time to do the importanttasks of the business that you are passionate about.

Most entrepreneurs start a business to enable them to live life on their own terms. We have big dreams and want to spend more time with our families. Some of us would like to have the freedom to travel, and some just want time to spend their day doing the things we could not do when punching a clock.


Social Media Automation

Batching and planning your post and marketing for social media
will save so much time. Here are my favorite tools.
Tailwind -great for instagram and pinterest
Paper.li – find and collect content that’s aligned with your audience
Commun.it – this app helps you discover leads and communicate.
It gives you insights on your community and helps you create content.

Message Automation

Manychat.com – Using tools like manychat.com
can help you respondto your Facebook comments and messages

24 hours a day on auto-pilot.It is rich in features allowing you to

automate webinars, post, ebooks,and more using this tool.

Email Automation


Lead Generation Tool

Online Sales Pro’s – this easy-to-use system helps you organize and track

your leads, and your customers giving you ready made funnels and

landing pages all in one place. You can send out email messages,

coupons, videos and more.

This tool is my favorite because it allows you to engage

with your new leads in real-time. It also gives you lead magnets

and a source for affiliate income. Online Sales Pro is the best tool

to organize and automate your lead-flow and at the best price on the

market with many rich features. In my opinion, it compares with

Click Funnels but is much easier to use, saves me money, and

offers even more features.

Organization Tools

Tasker – a task control and automation app that turns your phone

into an automated super phoneEvernote – keep your information

organized on the fly for notes, website link storage, photos and blogs,

and so much more in all in one place so that you will never forget

and be able to refer back to these things later. Trello – project

management tool.Asana – designed to help teams organize, track,

and manage their work.

Zapier- Zapier allows you to instantly connect the apps that you are

using to organize and integrate information.

That is my list for today. I have plenty more tools to share with you soon!
What have you found useful? Please share in the comments below.
Have an amazing day!

Terri 👩💓

Walmart’s new Spark Delivery service is an Uber-like platform for groceries

Walmart Launches New Delivery Service

It finally happened! I wrote a post just months ago about this and finally Walmart has jumped in with a new Walmart program the company is calling Spark Delivery, which will crowdsource deliveries in a way similar to Uber and Lyft’s ride-hailing network.  In my area you are able to shop online with Costco, BJ’s, and more and have it delivered! I am not sure why they are late in the game, but so glad they are finally offering the service.

You can read more about this in detail by clicking the link below.

Source: Walmart’s new Spark Delivery service is an Uber-like platform for groceries

Bellame Launches Founding Partner Opportunities In July 2018

I am so excited to be a part of this lucrative opportunity. Business is booming and if you are intersted in a founding partner position, you do not want to wait. It will be ending soon.

Have you ever wanted to be the first to become a part of a new company? Monat, Younique, Amway, all started with the very first people that believed and knew that there was a way to start a business and create a life of their dreams. We all know that the top earners are always the founding partners.  You need to check this out.

Meet the CEO and Find Out What All the Buzz is About. Be the first in your area to offer this luxury naturally based skincare line. Clinically created in a pharmacutical lab with two patented ingredients. Visit the Bellame website now

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